Hello world!

Hello World.

I’m on the brink of something. I’m not sure what this journey will lead to, what it will feel like, or who I will meet. The only thing I’m sure of is this: It will be big. Bigger than anything else I have ever encountered.

Although that realization is mildly debilitating, its so darn exciting, too!!

I will return a changed person, that is for sure. In what ways, no one can know. While change can be disquieting, I take comfort in the fact that this is the path I was meant to follow. This is right.

In 18 hours, I will face a sort of precipice. I have no idea what I will face below, but that is beside the point.

I’m running.

I hope everyone had a great day.

With love,

bailey :)


So soon!

I’m going to Muscat in 6 days!!

I’m really excited.


I’m kinda nervous, too.

Well, we already knew that.

So, it appears I’m an average exchange student. A strange mix of emotions running rampant, wreaking havoc with the nerves.

One would think that strong emotion + strong emotion = 2x stronger emotion (or even  strong emotion^2) Not so (for me, at least)!

I’m stuck in a form of mild limbo. I’m numb, and it doesn’t seem real, yet.

I feel like this is a purely hypothetical trip, and I’m just playing along with the story. Or I’m on What Would You Do? – Exchange Student Edition. 

I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had such an amazing opportunity  handed to me so easily. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism devised by my subconscious to keep hazardous levels of emotions to a minimum. Whatever the reason, it’s a little disconcerting!

I’m ready for all of this craziness to begin already! But I know that in a blink of an eye I’ll be sitting on the plane. I just hope that time lingers a bit longer when I arrive, so that I can revel in every single detail. But alas, time stops for no one. (except gravity) In the words of Einstein:

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’S relativity.”

(I love physics, and Einstein. I had to include that quote. I don’t care if it’s a stretch.)

Hope everyone had a great, productive, beautiful day.

with love,

bailey :)

Less than a month left!

Hello everyone!

I now have less than 30 days in the country I was born and raised in.

That sounds rather ominous, as if I am being evicted from my home, unwillingly and unhappily. Fortunately for me, that is NOT the case! I am more excited than ever. The initial nervousness is beginning to return in waves, too. Occasionally it will knock me over, and for a short moment I will ask myself how I got here, in the midst of this craziness. But then, I remember it’s a crazy adventure, and wave subsides to a gentle swell. It ends as quickly as it begins.

Besides those momentary clips of fear, I am ridiculously excited.

One of my summer reading books was The Alchemist. Before beginning the novel, I was prepared for a long, tedious haul, similar to all the other summer reading books prescribed to me throughout my education thus far. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was an inspiring story of chasing your dream, or Personal Legend. It spoke to me especially because of the journey I am about to embark upon. The story’s protagonist is a Spaniard shepherd who has a dream one night, foretelling of his treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt. An incognito king spurs him to follow his dream. He meets many people along the way, one of them an alchemist who teaches him the ways of the world.

The book made my upcoming experience feel so right. I was reassured that is year abroad could be the beginning of my Personal Legend (lingo for destiny or dream). I believe I am beginning a journey that will teach me some of life’s lessons, and maybe it too will make for a beautiful story.

With love,

Bailey :)

Pre-Departure Orientation

Hello everyone!

I recently returned from my pre-departure orientation in Washington D.C. It was so informative! We had culture specialists come in, as well as alumni from previous years. We talked about culture shock, communicating effectively, and functioning as a part of a new family. I feel so much more confident, with most of my questions answered. Most of the gritty details are laid out, now I just have to execute them! I have a lot of work in front of me. Many shopping trips are in my future. Ehh.


I have my host family!! I’m so excited to meet them. I sent them an email, but since they’re currently vacationing in Europe (jealous!!), I’m not sure when they will return my message. I am so antsy waiting to hear word back!

I have a mother and father, both who work full time. I also have 4 siblings. Four! They are all younger: 3 boys and one girl, whom I will be sharing a room with. My host sister and I have the same birthday! What a coincidence!

I’m supposed to bring them gifts when I go. I really want to get them something special, but I have no idea what to get them! Partly because I’ve never met them, but I’m stumped. Something from my hometown would be nice, to show them where I’m from. I’m thinking of getting them things from the town I vacation in every year. (Chatham, Mass.) It’s one of my favorite places in the world, and they have lots of pretty, thoughtful things. I just hope I get it right! There’s nothing better than a perfect gift when receiving, but it’s especially wonderful when giving.

I’ll close with some beautiful pictures of my future home.

I hope everyone has a great day! Happy 4th of July to all my American readers.

With love,

Bailey :)

packing. great.

Hello everyone!

I am facing a formidable task, something even Superman would  be daunted by.

I have to pack my entire life for a year into a maximum of three suitcases.

Even Superman has to pack at least 3 pairs of heroically themed suits,  sufficient hair gel for one year, and all his crime-stopping equipment.

See what I mean? The gel alone would be a hefty lot.

On the one hand, not having so many things feels rather liberating. The idea of being able to pick up and leave with only what fits in your hands (or rolls…) is so freeing. Its ascribes to the minimalist philosophy: things don’t make you happier, but only weigh you down. I like to read zenhabits, a wonderful blog on all things healthy, mind and body. The writer is a true minimalist, and his lifestyle is inspiring. Whenever I read it, I want to trash half my house.

And while this is an amazing opportunity to declutter my life (among other things!), lets get real.

I need my nice contact solution. What about my dermatologist-recommended, prescription grade, probably toxic it’s so strong zit cream? (sorry. tmi.) If I get allergies, anything but Allegra will NOT do. What if they don’t have tampons in Oman?

I’m not high maintenance, I promise. But these things are serious!  What if I forget something vitally important? Oh, the stress.

Hopefully this won’t be me. The suitcase will be bigger, at least.

I still have a few months, so I have plenty of time to find gargantuan suitcases and everything I need. But this is still a very tall order.

with love,

bailey :)

A farewell, I suppose.

Hi there.

Hope everyone had a smashingly productive/restful/amazing/beautiful day.

I’m not really sure what the specific function of this blog is. I’ve decided I’m just going to write what feels right. I figure, my readers (are there any?) want to get to know me. Therefore, anything I write is incredibly pertinent.

Anyways, in my quest to pour a little sliver of my soul in this blog, I need to introduce something.

I love, love, love ballet. But I only started two years ago. I’m not the best, but dancing makes me so happy.

Here's a picture from my favorite ballet, Swan Lake. Beautiful, no?

I’ve just gone en pointe, and it’s so much fun. It’s amazing to see yourself practicing such a beautiful art.

Sometimes I feel as if I were meant to be a ballerina in another life. I watch videos on youtube in my spare time of my favorite ballets. (Shh, don’t tell. It sounds weird.) Swan Lake is my weakness. It’s almost unbearably beautiful. I could literally watch hours of ballet. Live is even better. I take dance at Atlanta Ballet, and watching the PrePros (Pre-Professional) is unlike anything else.

The way a ballerina moves is something you almost cannot describe. The juxtaposition of such grace and control is one of the most magnificent things I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Here are some of my favorite pieces. They speak for themselves.

The Dying Swan

Black Swan Pas de Deux

Bolshoi Academy Pas de Deux Class

You may be wondering about the title.

This may be my last year dancing. Because I’ll be living in Muscat for a year, I will be significantly behind when I return. I hope and pray  there will a way to continue dancing, but I know it will be hard.

This past Sunday, I had my spring recital. It was so fun, and we performed beautifully. But among all the tutus and bobby pins, it felt faintly bittersweet. While everyone prepares for another year of dance- harder classes and new teachers- I stand at the dawn of a life changing journey.

I know that this undeniable opportunity comes at a small cost, but so do all things in life, it seems. But I know nothing can ever stop me from marveling at a dancer’s beauty, no matter where I am.

With much love,


just a little irrational concern.


I was reading a funny little article posted by a friend today, entitled: 15 Signs You Might Have Been in Oman Too Long.

It was rather revealing of Omani culture, even in it’s simplicity. It gave me another minor jolt of excitement. (I tend to experience them randomly, and often without warning)

The first “sign” was interesting, if not maybe a little unsettling (for me, at least)

1. You get resentful when you actually have to work.

Personally, I tend to be a work-a-holic sometimes. If you read my last post, then you know my motivation has been a little lacking lately, but the idea of not working at all is a little scary.

Now, the issue here is not with Omani culture at all. Really, an entire year of minimal work sound lovely. The only thing worrisome is my return. What will happen when I suddenly have to work until my head explodes? (I’ll be diving straight into IB the following year.) Culture shock, to say the very least!

Really, I think I’m just concerned about preserving my work ethic. Right now, I consider it to be one of my best qualities. It is a wee bit disconcerting when a personal defining characteristic is in possible jeopardy.

Funny how an article, meant to be amusing and maybe nostalgic, can make your head spin!

I do realize I am overreacting severely, but hey! It’s my blog. I’m allowed to things like that.

Feel free to sound off below.

With love,

bailey :)

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