packing. great.

Hello everyone!

I am facing a formidable task, something even Superman would  be daunted by.

I have to pack my entire life for a year into a maximum of three suitcases.

Even Superman has to pack at least 3 pairs of heroically themed suits,  sufficient hair gel for one year, and all his crime-stopping equipment.

See what I mean? The gel alone would be a hefty lot.

On the one hand, not having so many things feels rather liberating. The idea of being able to pick up and leave with only what fits in your hands (or rolls…) is so freeing. Its ascribes to the minimalist philosophy: things don’t make you happier, but only weigh you down. I like to read zenhabits, a wonderful blog on all things healthy, mind and body. The writer is a true minimalist, and his lifestyle is inspiring. Whenever I read it, I want to trash half my house.

And while this is an amazing opportunity to declutter my life (among other things!), lets get real.

I need my nice contact solution. What about my dermatologist-recommended, prescription grade, probably toxic it’s so strong zit cream? (sorry. tmi.) If I get allergies, anything but Allegra will NOT do. What if they don’t have tampons in Oman?

I’m not high maintenance, I promise. But these things are serious!  What if I forget something vitally important? Oh, the stress.

Hopefully this won’t be me. The suitcase will be bigger, at least.

I still have a few months, so I have plenty of time to find gargantuan suitcases and everything I need. But this is still a very tall order.

with love,

bailey :)