just a little irrational concern.


I was reading a funny little article posted by a friend today, entitled: 15 Signs You Might Have Been in Oman Too Long.

It was rather revealing of Omani culture, even in it’s simplicity. It gave me another minor jolt of excitement. (I tend to experience them randomly, and often without warning)

The first “sign” was interesting, if not maybe a little unsettling (for me, at least)

1. You get resentful when you actually have to work.

Personally, I tend to be a work-a-holic sometimes. If you read my last post, then you know my motivation has been a little lacking lately, but the idea of not working at all is a little scary.

Now, the issue here is not with Omani culture at all. Really, an entire year of minimal work sound lovely. The only thing worrisome is my return. What will happen when I suddenly have to work until my head explodes? (I’ll be diving straight into IB the following year.) Culture shock, to say the very least!

Really, I think I’m just concerned about preserving my work ethic. Right now, I consider it to be one of my best qualities. It is a wee bit disconcerting when a personal defining characteristic is in possible jeopardy.

Funny how an article, meant to be amusing and maybe nostalgic, can make your head spin!

I do realize I am overreacting severely, but hey! It’s my blog. I’m allowed to things like that.

Feel free to sound off below.

With love,

bailey :)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emma
    May 23, 2011 @ 16:20:24

    I know how you feel. I tend to be the same way, but I try to look at it as a relaxing year for us to learn patience. We can still get things done but learn to be a little more tolerant if things aren’t 100% on time, all the time.

    Hope it helps :)


    • Bailey Palmer
      May 23, 2011 @ 21:13:40

      I could probably use that… Haha. But what a great perspective. I tend to have two speeds: on and off. Sometimes balance is hard, but we have such a great opportunity to hone our skills! Can’t wait :)


  2. Emma
    May 24, 2011 @ 13:39:28

    I’m the same way! It’ll be a period of growth for all of it. I hope I’ll become a bit more patient in a place that’s kind of… lax about time :)


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