A farewell, I suppose.

Hi there.

Hope everyone had a smashingly productive/restful/amazing/beautiful day.

I’m not really sure what the specific function of this blog is. I’ve decided I’m just going to write what feels right. I figure, my readers (are there any?) want to get to know me. Therefore, anything I write is incredibly pertinent.

Anyways, in my quest to pour a little sliver of my soul in this blog, I need to introduce something.

I love, love, love ballet. But I only started two years ago. I’m not the best, but dancing makes me so happy.

Here's a picture from my favorite ballet, Swan Lake. Beautiful, no?

I’ve just gone en pointe, and it’s so much fun. It’s amazing to see yourself practicing such a beautiful art.

Sometimes I feel as if I were meant to be a ballerina in another life. I watch videos on youtube in my spare time of my favorite ballets. (Shh, don’t tell. It sounds weird.) Swan Lake is my weakness. It’s almost unbearably beautiful. I could literally watch hours of ballet. Live is even better. I take dance at Atlanta Ballet, and watching the PrePros (Pre-Professional) is unlike anything else.

The way a ballerina moves is something you almost cannot describe. The juxtaposition of such grace and control is one of the most magnificent things I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Here are some of my favorite pieces. They speak for themselves.

The Dying Swan

Black Swan Pas de Deux

Bolshoi Academy Pas de Deux Class

You may be wondering about the title.

This may be my last year dancing. Because I’ll be living in Muscat for a year, I will be significantly behind when I return. I hope and pray  there will a way to continue dancing, but I know it will be hard.

This past Sunday, I had my spring recital. It was so fun, and we performed beautifully. But among all the tutus and bobby pins, it felt faintly bittersweet. While everyone prepares for another year of dance- harder classes and new teachers- I stand at the dawn of a life changing journey.

I know that this undeniable opportunity comes at a small cost, but so do all things in life, it seems. But I know nothing can ever stop me from marveling at a dancer’s beauty, no matter where I am.

With much love,



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